Platinum CATS Artist & Crew Agreement

Name *
We will use this for publicity purposes as well as in the show program as required. Please make sure it is correct
Role in this production *
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Correspondence Time Frames *
We communicate via email and expect answers (if required) within 48 hours
CATS 2019 Availability *
Accommodation Plans *
Please let us know your intentions
Time-Keeping *
We love rehearsing so much and we're pretty good at it. Everything is timed and scheduled. By ticking the box below you agree to arrive at rehearsals 15 minutes before scheduled start time.
Rehearsals are for Rehearsing - not learning *
..nuff said
Alcohol Policy *
The consumption of alcohol is banned from the dressing room and stage area. Please save your celebratory drinks until after each performance
Guest policy *
We cannot allow visitors at any rehearsals nor in any backstage areas.
Personal Hygiene *
Need we say more
Are there any show resources you still require? Do you have any special dietary requirements? Is there anything we need to know about you? Has your availability changed?
Confidentiality Agreement *
Platinum is a Pro-Am Company. Some of our artistes and crew are re-reimbursed because they miss out on paid gigs etc. There are various reasons for differing rates of pay. Ability, training, availability, star quality, social media presence to name but a few. By ticking the box below you understand this, are happy and agree to keep all financial/non-financial agreements between Platinum Entertainment and yourself strictly confidential.
Release *
Rehearsals and performances are photographed and videoed. By ticking the box below you agree that Platinum Entertainment WA PTY LTD is the sole owner of these recordings and that they will be used for publicity purposes only
..... and Finally *
Platinum Entertainment has a policy of inclusion. We love to work with friendly, non-egotistical, team players. Everyone is important.